Articles from September, 2017

Truth, Faith and Impartiality
It is dangerous when those seeking political office use ward boundaries not as a tool to engage the electorate in a discussion of representative principles but as a means to spew division, segregation and mistrust.
by Maureen Wilson
Published September 18, 2017 in Special Report: Ward Boundaries (0 comments)

Greg's Ride is Coming to Hamilton: Why It Matters, and Why You Should Go
We've moved it to Hamilton to celebrate the City's growing cycling culture and because it's a place where staff and Board members have strong connections.
by Justin Jones
Published September 14, 2017 in Special Report: Cycling (6 comments)

Waterloo LRT Vehicle at Bombardier Plant
While the manufacturer of Hamilton's LRT LRV is not settled yet, this picture is just a quick visual of what a future Hamilton LRV will approximately look like.
by Chris Drew
Published September 12, 2017 in Special Report: Light Rail (2 comments)

This is an Excellent Time to Talk About Global Warming
There are still people who believe that the science is ambiguous, or that the scientific community is divided, or even that there is some kind of evil conspiracy on the part of scientists to dupe the public into believing that global warming is happening.
by Ryan McGreal
Published September 08, 2017 in Special Report: Climate Change (5 comments)

The Shame and Blame Game
Instead of critiquing a father's decision to let his kids use public transit, we should be talking about the critical importance of public space and social connectedness.
by Maureen Wilson
Published September 07, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

Hamilton Needs to Take Flood Risk More Seriously
Cities like Hamilton cannot afford to continue paying lip service to climate change while maintaining policies guaranteed to make it worse.
by Michael Nabert
Published September 07, 2017 in Special Report: Climate Change (0 comments)

Saying Goodbye to the Conservative Party of Canada
The Conservative Party of Canada in 2017 is appealing to the worst parts of our nature, with no actual conservatism.
by John Neary
Published September 07, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

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