Reviews - Fringe 2017


By Bryan Boodhoo
Published July 31, 2017

Sometimes it's easy to forget just what a ground-breaking figure Marilyn Monroe was. She wasn't the first sex symbol. I'm sure that honour goes to someone before recorded history. She did, however, help explode the notion that starting a nuclear family is the only option for a woman.

For this transgression, she ended up in a psychiatric institution. That's where we join Marilyn in Misfit. The play is based on Marilyn's actual letters, which were written in 1961, one year before her untimely death. The choice of materials is poignant. This is a significant turning point in America's love affair with Marilyn.

Paige Locke embodies the late Marilyn down to the nuances of speech and movement. I was compelled and saddened. The internal conflict is right there for the audience to feel. This feeling is assisted by a few but powerful props and really well thought out costumes.

This is a small but mighty production. It's one not to miss.


Bryan Boodhoo has been the producer, writer, and sometimes director in the Hamilton Fringe Festival for the last four years: The Bird's Nest at b contemporary gallery; Life Through Fire at Theatre Aquarius; A Thousand Natural Shocks at HTI; and perpetual sunshine machine, also at Theatre Aquarius. Additionally, he has been involved as an actor, director or playwright in a number of productions, both inside Hamilton and across Canada.


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