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By calder12 (registered) - website | Posted July 07, 2014 at 18:31:59 in reply to Comment 103048

A person on a bicycle is a negligible safety risk? Really? I disagree, wholeheartedly. Particularly after seeing my younger brother come home bloody after being hit by a cyclist. Cyclists regularly cause automobile accidents as well by being unaware of their surroundings and/or acting like "I have the right of way so I don't have to care" but then I suppose that's on the drivers?

Not all cyclists are dangerous, but please stop making these discussions so one sided. Cyclists are capable of causing serious bodily harm, they are also more than capable of causing death. That is far from negligible.

Within a week of the bike lane being put up on Hunter I was driving down Hunter with two oblivious cyclists to my right blocking a lane... They are NOT blame free and they are NOT a negligible risk. They're human, treat them as such.

The whole us against them attitude that pervades the comments here is really starting to lose you, and this site some supporters to be honest. I get frustrated every time I see this stuff because it is just so not true. I live on Main Street. I sit on my porch regularly and you know what I see? Normal traffic, not a highway, not people doing 100 kph. Just normal traffic with the odd idiot. Stop blaming everyone because of the idiots, we aren't school children where everyone stays behind because one clown misbehaves.

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