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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted July 08, 2014 at 11:01:54 in reply to Comment 103071

14 blocks of Hess and Caroline were converted to two-way about ten years ago at a total cost of $72,000. That is only about $5k per block ... pretty reasonable. And the pending Council-approved changes are similar to these streets.

Of course, not every block had lights, but there were multiple stop signs and changes in street marks and signage.

Compare this with the $7.5 million (out of a total cost of $25 million split 25/75% between the City and the Province) the City spent on a single highway interchange (Clappison Corners).

Note that $25 million is only the non-levy cost (i.e. the cost not recovered from development charges). The total cost of the project, including internal roads, is a whopping $75 million!

Why is $75 million for a single interchange on the periphery of Hamilton a wise investment in infrastructure, but a few tens or hundreds of thousands for two-way conversions of multiple streets in the most densely populated area of the city an unacceptable luxury?

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