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By calder12 (registered) - website | Posted July 09, 2014 at 08:41:31 in reply to Comment 103079

Why was there a single car accident on the Escarpment the other day? I was talking about THIS SPECIFIC accident. Why is it so difficult for anyone to actually read and comprehend what I'm saying? I never said Main or King were perfect, I said stop twisting everything that happens on either of them to fit an agenda.

Major contributing factor, not one of many. As I said, and again you'd know this if you read what I initially wrote, is that according to the witness I spoke to the only contributing factor was the person unable to handle the acceleration of the car, not the travelling speed, the acceleration. That makes where it happened completely irrelevant because it could have happened anywhere that had 100 feet of open road.

PS. If Main and King are so dangerously fast, why exactly does the HSR require a dedicated lane to stay on schedule? The same people that are fans of the dedicated bus lanes are the ones saying the rest of the streets are too fast. Seems to be arguing both sides unless I'm missing something.

PSS. Quoting two accidents 7 years apart isn't exactly ground breaking evidence.

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