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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted August 01, 2014 at 20:32:48

There are times when reading some of the articles (and comments) here, I have to wonder whether people are actually familiar with the land east of downtown. You know, all the way out to Eastgate. Especially when it comes to 'possible development'.

Bus tours of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo have been organized over the past year. And I know there's one planned for Hamilton. I think there's merit in having one from Centennial-to-James, focusing on evidence-and-reason-based assessments and projections regarding potential development. It might help inject some reality into the discussion. Because right now, I'm continually doing spit-takes and phoning my chiropractor for adjustments because I'm shaking my head so much.

I'm going to be making sure I get front-row seats for the election goings-on; the debate over LRT as it's shaping up to be perhaps THE election issue. I can't wait to hear the dialogue...and the reaction to it in the run-up to October 27th. '86 Days of Madness: Fomenting at Its Best'.

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