Comment 103930

By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2014 at 15:30:18

Wentworth? Sanford?

How about King and Main? At night these one-way streets resemble a ghost town.

Lets get rid of all these one way streets (with a few exceptions) as they make the dt look dark and desolate at night.

And I'm talking full conversion to two-way. Not three lanes going east and one lane going west for two blocks like it is on York street. What purpose does that serve? It only adds to the confusion.

The era of Hamilton needing one way streets to get people to and from the steel mills is over, especially now that the RHVP has been built. But we have too many councilors still living in that era (like Bob Bratina and Bob Morrow, can't they find somebody younger with new ideas than this antique?) who think that the steel mills will employ 50K people again.

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