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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 24, 2015 at 16:59:14 in reply to Comment 110477

As you have been told at least two times now (including by SoBi), you CAN ride into areas outside the service area of the system provided you place the bike on hold if you leave it, and then return it to a rack within the service area.

Although the service area does not cover the entire City it goes from Ottawa Street to Dundas, and from the waterfront to Concession. This is an enormous area for the first iteration of a brand new service and the goal is to expand it as demand grows.

This system is already far more flexible than other bike shares (where the bikes must be locked to a special rack). And I don't know of any bike share service that covers an entire city of the size of Hamilton from day one (compare with bixi in Toronto or Montreal or Salt Lake City!

Please try to be reasonable in your demands: there are good reasons why the service has started in the lower city (demand, cycling infrastructure, councillor support). If you support it there is a very good chance it will soon extend to more of the Mountain and further East. If you keep criticizing it and telling people not to support it there is no chance you will see a station in Glanbrook or Ancaster.

Please stop claiming that you cannot take bikes out of the service area, and please try to understand that this is already the seventh largest service in North America and to try to make it even bigger from the start would not be a sound business decision if we want this service to be a success.

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