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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted November 13, 2015 at 14:40:15 in reply to Comment 114811

I went to these streets with a measuring tape, scooted onto the roads during quiet moments, and made the measurements which I emailed to several people, including RTH. For measurements/photography, I can be reached by email/twitter/etc by simply googling my full name.

These are inside-edge measurements, from edge of painted line to edge. For example, including the thickness of painted lines, the center turning lanes are MORE than 125" wide.

Here's the quoted part of the email. Ryan converted these imperial to metric. Unfortunately I grabbed an old metric tape that had more readable imperial measurements -- and I was rushing the measurements to the nearest 0.5" during quiet moments between traffic -- but now you can go out and verify my measurements if you'd like...

Yes, I did a double take when I did the 126.5" measurement (Generously, I round down to 125")

Painted line widths:

  • 5" wide for single line
  • 12" wide for double line (e.g. Yellow center lines; bidirectional turning lanes)

Cannon bike lane at stadium

  • 56.5" 144cm wide to center of line
  • 54" 138cm to inside edge

Cannon+East Bend

  • Center Turn 109" (inside)
  • South Traffic 108" (inside)
  • North Traffic 107" (inside)
  • North bike lane 45.5" (inside)
  • South bike lane 47.5" (inside)


  • Traffic lanes+Center turn i115" each (inside)
  • South bike lane 53" (inside)
  • North bike lane 59" (inside)

Cannon+Kensington; East side

  • North traffic lane 111.5" (inside)
  • South traffic lane 108" (inside)
  • Center turn lane 126.5" (inside)(doublechecked)
  • North bike lane 47" (inside)
  • South bike lane 47" (inside)

Cannon+Kensington; West side

  • North traffic lane 115" (inside)
  • South traffic lane 116" (inside)
  • Center turn lane 116" (inside)
  • North bike lane 56" (inside)
  • South bike lane 56" (inside)

And photographic proof I did bring a measurement tape to the roads.


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