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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted January 13, 2016 at 14:59:10 in reply to Comment 116022

Main Street West carries around 40,000 cars a day through the "Esplanade". As you note, they come clumped in platoons with ghastly silences between them. Here's a photo I took a year ago in late afternoon on a weekday:

Main Street West

Also, given what we understand about induced demand (and its inverse), if you reduce lane capacity on Main Street, some of that traffic volume will simply disappear. Some people will time-shift their trips outside rush hour, some people choose take alternate routes, some people will choose alternate transportation modes, some people will choose alternate destinations, and some people will combine trips to reduce overall driving. Over the longer term, the change in street design will begin to reshape more concrete decisions about where to invest, where to develop, where to live, where to locate businesses, and so on.

And we also have to remember that induced demand is a universal principle: if you make it easier to walk, ride a bike and take transit, more people will walk, ride bikes and take transit.

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