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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted September 11, 2007 at 11:36:57

Great video, Sean! About a month ago, we went for a hike along the Bruce trail and up the Chedoke Stairs. We stopped at the convenience store at the corner of Paradise and Scenic to enjoy a popsicle, and I noticed that all the cars were rolling through the stop sign, so I decided to track them for ten minutes.

Traffic was just heavy enough that there was almost always a car going through the intersection, but light enough that there was rarely more than one car at the intersection at a time.

In ten minutes, 122 motorists passed through. Of those, six actually came to a stop - and in every case, they did so because two vehicles reached the intersection around the same time. Not one car actually stopped behind the white line.

In the same time, five bicyclists passed through, of which one came to a full stop (also when another vehicle was present).

On the one hand, conformance with the stop sign was close to zero. On the other, I can't see any actual risk of danger from the rolling stops that the drivers and cyclists performed when there were no other vehicles present.

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