Comment 116898

By why (anonymous) | Posted March 08, 2016 at 10:39:27 in reply to Comment 116873

I think this is all that really needs to be said about Terry. All this talk about him not understanding things is a complete waste of time. Terry understands all of this, he simply doesn't care. So arguing with him isn't going to accomplish anything. What we need to do is look at the systems that allow him to exist as a councillor in the first place. Those few cranks have got enough clout to keep this councillor in his seat, and I'm guessing it's the developers and business owners who paid to contribute to his campaign.
The lack of term limits, or limits to political contributions by private or corporate donations is what allows councillors like him to represent the interests of a small fraction of the electorate, certainly not a lack of criticism. So we need to start attacking those laws and change them if we want to see any real progress made. We certainly can't afford to match the donations those developers are making to keep these people in power. And Terry doesn't give two squirts about this article or what any of us are saying about him.

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