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By Kevo (registered) | Posted March 12, 2016 at 14:56:40

I think we need to start getting more street level data that can prove that these people are wrong about traffic levels along these roads. Something like Placemeter ( which basically brings traffic & pedestrian counting to anyone would be something that I think could be used with great effect. I heard about this one a month ago and was going to get one, but my unit is too far from the road for it to capture anything (no new toy for me) :(

At least with a tool like this we can prove quantitatively what traffic levels and types are on these roads and show the counts over time. It makes the process of bringing our point of view to council seem less like NIMBYism against cars (as what mountain councillors seem to infer) and makes it more scientific. How can someone say they need capacity for 15,000 cars when a daily count shows there are only 8,000?

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