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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted March 15, 2016 at 10:25:28

I haven't been there for sometime so I took Stonechurch home from Ancaster to refresh my memory. It appears that the owners have such bad relations with the neighbouring businesses that they have put a fence up between them so that rules out parking there, however, the parking lot for the No Frills store is closer than the overflow parking for Terryberry library. Perhaps if they were approached they could allow the overflow to go there and (frightening suggestion) the patrons could walk to the store. Lost in this is the potential impact on their competitors, there are similar businesses on Concession that have metered parking, also Cake & Loaf on Dundurn, while smaller, has a bike lane on their side and metered parking across the street. So as well as reducing the bike lane in my opinion unless the provided parking is paid for by Sweet Paradise, and metered, the city will be giving them an indirect subsidy not provided to other stores. If they have outgrown their location perhaps they should relocate like Locke Street Bakery.

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