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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted March 22, 2016 at 09:58:46 in reply to Comment 117116

From CBC Hamilton:

According to city traffic counts, single-day traffic at Barton and Centennial was 29,007 vehicles in 2002. That was five years before the RHVP opened. In June 2008, seven months after the new highway, there were 24,628 vehicles. In 2013, it was back up to 30,651.

Other areas aren't quite at pre-RHVP levels, but they're getting there. At Mud Street, for example, there were 37,695 vehicles on a day in 2006, and 19,473 in 2008, post-RHVP. In 2013, the count was 30,345.

Numbers on the highway itself show an even steeper increase. In October 2008, there were 45,749 vehicles compared to 59,833 in October 2010, only two years later. The city's most recent data is May 2014, when there were 58,444.

These numbers don't surprise Don McLean, a Stoney Creek environmental activist who fought the highway project for years. He predicted it would only cause induced demand — the concept that the more roads you build, the more traffic it causes.

I do listen to Don McLean ever since he has been proven correct over and over again on policy issues in which the evidence runs contradictory to the political status quo.

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