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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted May 05, 2016 at 15:59:23 in reply to Comment 118301

Council is voting to support Metrolinx building LRT in Hamilton using $1 billion in Provincial funds. Council is voting on whether to accept the Province making a $1 billion transit investment in the city. An investment they asked the province to make!

The city would look ridiculous after the requesting the City provide funding for LRT, welcoming the request last year, and signing a memorandum of understanding and then essentially saying: "just kidding ... we didn't really mean it when we put in that 200 page request for LRT funding and signed the memorandum of understanding"! Don't forget that almost all the councillors around the table are the same ones who supported the original request for provincial funding back in 2013.

Don't forget that the vote to submit the request for 100% Provincial funding for LRT was unanimous back in February 2013 ... even Councillor Collins supported it! Nothing fundamental has changed about Hamilton's LRT project has changed since then, except the Province actually came through with the 100% funding the City requested (and they modified the design so it doesn't impinge on Collins ward).

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