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By Inhocmark (registered) | Posted May 13, 2016 at 10:31:55

Speaking for myself and living in Ward 15, I see nothing good coming from any of this. Based on the (grossly ill informed) opinions I see in local discussions and conversations with my neighbours, doing anything that raises the rates on home owners in our Ward would be the political end of Judi Partridge (who you have to think has eyes on a prize greater than Flamborough at some point). Her entire Transit plan is convincing GO (which already services Waterdown very nicely) to create a bus service between Waterdown and Halton. That way she can have her Transit and tell all the rate payers that she did it without raising their property taxes. I'll just leave that without further comment.

While it is not in my financial interest to say so, if we accept the fact that there is never going to be a reversal of amalgamation, then it should be in the best interest of the suburban wards to do what they can to build up the central city, so as their property values rise, the tax burden is spread out more evenly.

But that's not going to happen. I can't really speak for any of the other suburban areas, but the well is poisoned between Flamborough and the Central City. There really is no common cause that made them a good fit to begin with.

What that means is that we're likely going to still be fighting the same fight for generations.

I do not know what the fix is anymore.

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