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By Inhocmark (registered) | Posted May 13, 2016 at 11:41:08 in reply to Comment 118520

Short answer is: A suburban utopia where they pay less taxes than they do with Hamilton. Streets that are cleared right away, like before it snows. A police man on every corner to catch the evil high schoolers that steal stuff out of unlocked cars.

I am not defending my Ward. It is filled with GTA/Halton transplants that move into the new builds escaping the higher prices of their home regions who then freak out when they see their tax bill and see articles saying that Ward 15 had the second rise in their taxes this year. They quickly blame the lower city while ignoring that a big chunk of that rise is built into the MPAC assessment of their home that has nothing to do with Hamilton. They moan but when it comes time to make their voices heard, 75% don't bother to vote.

Most of them are unaware that life is not going to get any better being an autonomous region, relying on a regional government to provide services while not bringing in sufficient funds. They do not realize that life with the OPP as your primary police service is not going to improve the quality of local policing.

In other words they're delusional.

The only thing I understand up here is the feeling of disconnect to Hamilton. As I am sure the citizens of Hamilton feel a certain disconnect with us. Park of that likely comes down to economics, but another part is that really Waterdown at the very least probably would've been a better fit with another region (ie. Halton)

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