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By bobby2 (registered) | Posted May 15, 2016 at 14:25:01

The LRT if approved doesn't start to build until 2019 & first rail train won't run until at least 2024! Metrolinxs Plan. Lots of Municipal & Provincial elections during that time. What if Provincial Gov't changes from Liberal to? What if the economy in Ontario falters during these 8 years? Lots of risk that LRT Project will get substantially downsized from it's current proposed Plan! Do you all really trust Liberal's with all their history? Hope for the best, plan for the worse! Most importantly, what will be the Property tax impact? As far as Transit Area Rating, we all know at some point that's going to get eliminated & the Ward wars get enhanced! Worst of all, the faces on current Council will have changed & they won't have to face the music if LRT goes sideways! Hamilton, like it or not is a blue collar town (I'm proud of that), we don't need or expect Cadillacs, Rapid Bus Transit will fit us well & can be implemented much faster before all the Elected Political Faces run for the hills with their cushy pensions! We are "The Hammer" great Rapid Bus Transit will work for us & forget the fancy bells & whistles of trains that Toronto so loves!

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