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By bobby2 (registered) | Posted October 26, 2016 at 11:58:19

I'm anti-LRT for a few reasons:

-The City is all in before Operation & Maintenance cost liabilities are determined. Potentially a huge property tax hit? Hmmm, remember Dad saying, nothing real good comes for free?

  • McMaster students make up a large portion of rush hour riders, however, currently they have unlimited HSR access for either $139.00 or $182.00 per year depending on their program. Virtually free riders. How does this effect LRT fares? Large(r)Property tax payer subsidies?

_ Eight year project (2024 completion date), will likely result in massive avoidance to areas of downtown anywhere near the 5 year construction zone. In the end only conveniently serves those close to the LRT line or people have to catch a HRS Bus to LRT line which is back to old system which LRT was to solve?

  • Fair disclosure, from childhood to retirement always depended on a car. Can't stop visualizing family of four, Mom dragging one or two of the kids to grocery shop for the week. How close is any stop to the grocery store? Finally got many, many bags of groceries, still dragging one or two of the kids, got to get it all on LRT vehicle , get off and cart all this for a block(s) home. Replace car with LRT? Don't think so!

  • Finally, If project starts to go over budget from $1B, the project will be scaled back. Might, just might not have the LRT line everyone thinks they are going to get!

Please, yes there are also lots of pluses for a modern LRT System!

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