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By ImprovingTomorrow (registered) | Posted October 26, 2016 at 14:58:19

To my mind, having taken the time to watch the whole thing, the most chilling moment came right at the end of the meeting, when after watching Terry Whitehead interminably breach city council's code of conduct by endlessly undermining respect for the professionalism and ethics of staff, Chad Collins finally stepped in to ask whether the project could be effectively stalled until after the next election through councillors refusing to pass the operations agreement component of the project. To derail the project entirely at this point would require an unlikely two thirds majority, but it seems that councillors determined to throw a billion dollar gift back in the province's face are likely to battle to stop one crucial part of implementation in order to drag this nightmare on for years until the next term of council reopens the possibility of cutting transit investment's throat with a mere majority.

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