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By Kevin (registered) | Posted February 12, 2017 at 15:36:29 in reply to Comment 120741

You make a lot of money! Donald Trump, also, likes to, shamelessly, brag about being rich. He’s gross, too; just like you. I’m sad you don’t like my poems. I love them and it really hurts when a very successful and wealthy woman calls them “achingly shitty.” I assume you are a poet, pepsi-face. Please, share your brilliance on Raise The Hammer or send them to my personal email. Don’t be modest or timid; use your real name. I’d love to see what brilliance looks likes.

Unless / Of course / It’s fraudulent free verse / Which I can’t abide / Because / Even rich / Lazy / Gross / Achingly stupid / Narcissistic braggarts / Can do that

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