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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted March 23, 2017 at 12:44:27

As I don't live in your city, I find it increasingly disturbing that every vote you guys have about LRT becomes a do or die situation. That's not a great environment for a project like this to have to keep enduring. Is your city council's support for the B-Line LRT project, really that low? I would have thought that after Waterloo's Ion LRT project received its first LRV, things would start to calm down in Hamilton and normalize. Seeing what the community down the way has ready to go, so to speak. There seems to be ample evidence that, many if not all of your community's serious business groups, economic organizations as well as academics eagerly support LRT. Yet, those facts haven't translated to unanimous city council support. I find that quite troubling. Further more, the opposition doesn't seem to have any real suggestions and ideas about an alternative to LRT, other than vague BRT lite, express busses paid for with what money, I have no idea. Only time will tell, I guess.

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