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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 22, 2017 at 10:17:15

(Sorry Little hand pressed the post comment button) companies. I have no idea how many were represented by the 6 Consortia in the RFQ process because that information requires a freedom of information request but a little birdy told me it was well over 100 companies. That's a huge lot of potential legal costs claims.

So if Hamilton Council kills this project during the RFQ phase you could be facing initial legal costs going into the millions of dollars, (you won't know until its all over). That's not counting the money wasted on planning, engineering soil testing which I know is already occurring! Oh boy, the day Metrolinx comes calling into City hall with their bill, will be one for the ages! The worst part will be the abuse your City Council and by association, the citizens of Hamilton will have to endure from everyone else who wants that money to build rapid transit projects in Ontario.

Tell your politicians minimum, you are going to facing a legal bill in excess of $10 Million, that money will have to come from general revenue which means, cuts to services. In 2018 they will have to explain during a municipal election that their principled stand against that free provincial money will now lead to fewer services and most likely as well as quite ironically, transit service cuts to the HSR!

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