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By john1242 (registered) | Posted April 25, 2017 at 09:45:42

I have followed LRT Project since 2007 when Mayor Larry Di send at letter to Federal Government for funding for BRT (Bus Rapid Transit )Mayor Fred favor LRT (Light Rail Transit),Mayor Bob mixed views LRT,BRT,Go train,City Council supports LRT 2013 from McMaster to Eastgate Square with 100% funding from Province of Ontario (Wynne's) Jan.25 2015 Mayor Fred's meeting with Wynne close door Mayor Fred's stated with City Manager Chris Murray Wynne said 100% funding for LRT McMaster to Eastgate Square She States it was for Rapid Transit??March 16 2015 City Manager's letter to Metrolinx with Council approval 100% funding for LRT McMaster to Eastgate Square May 26 2015 Wynne's $1B funding for LRT From McMaster to Queenston Circle with a spur line to Waterfront within the $1B budget What a surprise ??? Feb 2 2017 Spur line cancelled ??? Full circle April 24 2017 Ted McMeekin says $1B for LRT (Light Rail Transit)Project Plan He concedes Idea to return to original plan to Eastgate Square if City Council Request !! Hamilton Light Rail would support and lobby City Council to vote LRT McMaster to Eastgate Square??

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