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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted September 13, 2017 at 09:46:37 in reply to Comment 121945

At this point I think people who have decided to be climate change deniers will not change their positions regardless of the data that is put in front of them.

The biggest problem with communicating this issue is the widely adopted perception that there are 'two sides to this story'. Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' once lamented that media outlets are supporting this idea by having discussion panels with one scientist accepting the data and one denying it. This promotes the idea that there is actually an argument in the scientific community when there is none. He said the panels should be about four thousand scientists supporting the data and one not. This would be a more accurate display of how the data is read by actual scientists.

Regardless of all this, policymakers and business leaders are listening to reason and action is taking place. Trump pulling out of the Paris accord was a political stunt with no teeth whatsoever. The US business community is taking the lead in reducing carbon consumption.

And China (recall they 'invented' climate change to hurt the US)

And on and on:

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