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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted December 11, 2017 at 15:48:03

Thanks Ryan and to City staff and Councillor Johnson for quickly resolving this double-gate issue! I agree that a chicane style gate is the best solution to slow cyclists here.

It would also make sense to remove the stop sign just after the gate. Presumably this was intended to slow cyclists, but now that there is a gate to slow cyclists it is no longer necessary.

Note that there is an an additional stop sign at the sidewalk, just 8 m from the first one. I highly doubt any cyclist is going to:

  1. Slow down to get past the gate.

  2. Come to a complete stop a couple of meters further on at the first stop sign.

  3. Ride another few meters and stop at the second stop sign.

Some cyclists also seem confused about the combination of the stop sign at the sidewalk and the traffic light. at the intersection of Aberdeen and Studholme

Since the traffic light is for the intersection, it is irrelevant to cyclists, who should cross Studholme from the trail just like a motorist leaving a driveway (every sidewalk is a stop sign where driveways cross a sidewalk). Some cyclists think they have to stop at the stop sign and also stop for the red light for Aberdeen traffic, rather than stopping at the stop sign and proceeding when it is safe to do so. At the stop sign they need to stop, then yield to all traffic on the roadway (whether turning on red or proceeding on green onto Aberdeen). But they don't also have to obey the traffic lights at the intersection.

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