Comment 122516

By PeterG (registered) | Posted March 06, 2018 at 14:17:25 in reply to Comment 122510

We do know that similar property damage has been done in other parts of this city, for similar motivations, and there was little public response. Some of that is understandable from the scale and nature of the events, as you indicate, but there are other reasons too. This piece invites us to consider what those might be.

I agree that there are features of human nature that make use respond to things that affect "where we live" and "people like us" more than things that affect other places or other people. Again, I think this piece asks us to reflect on whether a crisis in the community leads us to consider how those circles are drawn.

Finally, and perhaps here it is asking for too much imagination, it asks us to consider why our justifiable opposition to the sort of violence from Saturday rarely translates to other forms of violence.

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