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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 06, 2018 at 14:29:48 in reply to Comment 122516

Where did you get the "people like us" quote ... I never said that and it is not true in this case. The businesses that were vandalized on Barton were just the same sort of businesses owned by the same sort of people who own the businesses that were vandalized on Locke Street (i.e. capitalists who invested money). The vandalism did not occur brazenly and all at once and there was no attempt to directly intimidate people face to (masked) face.. It's not really very complicated to understand why the reaction was different and there is no evidence to suggest (as some commenters and the authors imply) that socioeconomic status played a role in the difference.

If a group of muggers mugs 20 people in Gore Park over noon hour, that will inspire more concern and fear than if a burglar robs 20 houses in year.

The answer to your final question should be fairly obvious. People respond more strongly and immediately to shocking events, rather than to ongoing forms of injustice. In fact, that is precisely why terrorists stage big spectacular attacks like this: to attract attention. It's like asking why a mass murder inspires more concern than the many thousands of deaths caused by cars every year. Is it really surprising?

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