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By Locke (registered) | Posted March 21, 2018 at 14:25:45 in reply to Comment 122664

I think you'll find that Caroline and George is 6m lower in elevation than Hess and Hunter. That means the 30 floor tower on Hunter would reach approximately the same elevation as the 32 storey tower on George.

Sure, we all want to see a development replace the space ship and parking lot... But we have so many empty parking lots downtown that also need infill. If we start allowing 40-storey buildings here, the next application will be for 55 storeys downhill and downtown and this project will be used as justification since it will break the plane of the escarpment by approximately 18-storeys.

After a few or maybe a dozen very tall projects, demand would ease and building would all but stop. We'll be left with dozens of empty parking lots. There is only so much demand. Would we rather have, say, six new very-tall projects or 12 new moderately-tall projects and 12 other 6-8-storey projects?

If the number of parking lots downtown were cut by 75%, I'd change my position and suggest we need more height.

In the meantime, the idea of height restrictions fits well into the idea of incremental development and strong towns.

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