Comment 1317

By luis (anonymous) | Posted October 09, 2006 at 14:04:13

@ Reid Vinnete

I lifted my eyebrows reading your comment at this line:

"The World Trade Centers, World
Trade Center #7, the Pentagon, and the White House are targeted by the United
States government in co-operation with the United States military."

... and I stop reading at this one:

"The World
Trade Center Towers and World Trade Building 7 are brought down in a controlled
demolition by none other than Controlled Demolition, Inc."

Just tell me. Are all the videos showed LIVE in the news also a fake enterprise?!? Missing occupants in the planes and the planes themselves were just "bought" over for a "play-act"? "Excuse me, are u willing to make a part in a movie? i'll pay u 2 million and you... die." Are all the phone calls phoney? Interesting. But clumsy. And with a total lack of evidence, worthwile of the worst kind of conspiracy theories.

Wich doesn't give much heralded credit to your brain for the rest of your "news".

And HEY I aint the powers that be and all other hype-for-your-paranoia-sake. I'm just an ordinary guy who knows what is oil-peak and can't take the exxageration-nerds anymore.

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