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By Larry Di Ianni (anonymous) | Posted November 22, 2007 at 23:52:15

Ryan points out Portland, Oregon as an example for Hamilton to follow. For once, I think, Ryan and I are going to agree. Portland is indeed a city that is being successful in a number of important areas: social sustainability, environmental responsibility and economic well-being. All three are important. What Ryan may not tell you, but I will is that, in part, the economic successes of Portland are due to the Port of Oregon, established in the 1890's through state legislation. This port is responsible for the operation and maintenance of among other things several marine terminals, 4 airports (Portland International, Hillsboro, Mulino and Troutdale) and SEVEN Business parks.
The mission statement for the port says this: "The mission of the Port of Portland is to enhance the region's economy and quality of life by providing efficient cargo and air passenger access to national and global markets."

The 2007 review of Port activities, available online, gives some startling and impressive statistics.
.Maritime and Aviation activities contribute to over 30,000 direct jobs for the citizens of the area. 18,712 are aviation related and 11,724 marine.
.There are more than 300 firms in the business parks which in turn generate an additional 35,000 jobs not all aviation or marine related.
.over $180M go towards local and state annual taxes.
.$1.75Billion in earnings for workers annually

And these are just some of the economic benefits.

Ryan, thank you for helping me make my case. Hamilton deserves no less in opportunities. We are not Portland, but if all of us work together rather than fight each other, I am convinced we can enjoy the best of all worlds.

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