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By jason (registered) | Posted November 27, 2007 at 17:26:38

hey fellas...while I realize I'm about to run the risk of taking this conversation right off topic (I've forgotten what it started as anyhow) and possibly turning this into the longest blog in the history mankind, I must ask why folks who mention the opening of Red Hill always add in that bit about "50 years later". I realize it was first suggested 50 years ago, but people make it sound like we've been actively planning it for 50 years. The Spectator did a little "timeline" recently of Red Hill history. Not surprisingly, they seemed to skip this period of time: Read from the bottom-up:

June 1979 - Region releases six possible alternative routes for north-south expressway. All six go through the Red Hill Valley. Nine other alternatives, including three other north-south locations were eliminated internally without public input.

1978 - Region begins study of potential locations for East-West and North-South expressways. General Manager of the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority resigns from the committee in protest.

1977 - Council votes to allow Red Hill Valley location to be considered after provincial government withdraws funding subsidy for land acquisition for the East-West expressway.

1975-1977 - Continuous pressure from provincial Conservative government to reinstate valley route for north-south expressway. Three additional votes by Council confirm 1974 decision, but by decreasing majorities.

1974 - Hamilton City Council and the newly-formed Regional Council vote unanimously to "to retain the natural character of the Red Hill Creek Valley and to maintain permanently its present natural state". Motion adopted to remove valley expressway from the Official Plan. East-West expressway retained.

So, as of 1979 there were 6 highway alternatives released through the valley....sounds like the beginning of planning to me. I'm no math expert, but that isn't 50 years. Mind you, I'm obviously not too bright....I also fail to see the "extreme left wing" agenda on Raise the Hammer that Mr D. talks about in his current blog. If by "left wing" you're referring to anyone with an opinion other than sprawl and more zero business growth years (which is what we're projecting for 2008 in Hamilton - thank goodness for the new highway!) then I am guilty as charged.

Blog away!!

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