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By Larry Di Ianni (anonymous) | Posted November 29, 2007 at 13:07:06

Not to put too fine a point on things, but I will just respond to the zero growth raised by Jason. The road is built. If you are truly interested in anything but extreme left wing hype, please see the mountain of reports that have been written over the past decades on the economic impact of the road. These reports make the case.
Or, you can spare yourselves some time and consider just three examples that have already borne fruit. 1. Lowes, on Barton St. A $30M dollar investment. I was at the press conference where the president of the company cited the road as reason to locate the business in the heart of an established neighbourhood, revitilizing a brownfield piece of neglected property.
2. The Center Mall...a $100M facelift. The rationale for investing in this inner city mall versus the outskirts of suburbia? The RHVP which will facilitate customers coming to this shopping area. By the way, planning staff is doing something quite creative rather than box-store development here.
3.The Spec carried a brief story a week or so ago talking about the revitilization of Ottawa Street now; and Kenilworth next because of the Center Mall investment. Properties are worth more, businesses are thriving and that is all good.
So, start adding it up in terms of dollars. Factor in jobs. Include the revitilization of estblished neighbourhoods and you will see an immediate return for the investment taxpayers have made on the RHVP.
These are just a few facts to consider.

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