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By jason (registered) | Posted December 21, 2007 at 23:16:12

hmm, interesting stats. I do wonder about the validity of comparing us to US cities. Having lived in a 'safe, medium-sized' US city for 4 years I can safely say that the level of violence and crime is completely different down there. Granted, I could still see this being a problem with some young rowdies jumping on and off for the heck of it, but I wonder if there is info available from safer nations more like Canada? It was always a little unnerving to ride the MAX in Portland knowing full well that a few folks were 'packing heat' on the train.
I wouldn't even mind a flat fare of $1 or $2.00. The real issue is that we NEED to start pumping money into our transit system.
Portland, Seattle and perhaps even Vancouver have a zone system. Transit is free downtown and then Zone 1 is $1.20. Zone 2 is $1.50 and so on the further out of the downtown you get. The downtown fareless square was could go from district to district for free all day long.

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