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By Mitzy509 (anonymous) | Posted February 15, 2008 at 17:22:36

Are you kidding Trey? First of all, you're ok with MORE people being laid-off because HIGH PAID camco people were!?! That's logical. And you actually believe it's only a few dozen min. wage indviduals? The above stats only represent one franchise in one SMALL area. Let me ask you, is your job at risk? You think I don't know that I can get another job? I happen to enjoy my job and I'm very good at it. Why should my job be at risk because a bunch of tree huggers from Hamilton, of all places, thinks that my franchise is killing the environment. Do you drive? Do you wait in traffic and at red lights or take road trips? Do you turn your vehicle off in -18c when you run in to get your coffee?

And to the genius with the cup exchange idea, have you heard of travel mugs. And why is it you feel fast food owners should be responsible for people putting garbage in its place. Some people are just ignorant and are going to litter, whether it be a Tim Horton's cup or a package from a snack they brought from home. Actually most people are so ignorant.

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