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By Jae on Hess (anonymous) | Posted November 14, 2006 at 00:25:20

I definitely don't have the answers, but as a resident of Hess St. South that has switched to two way, has tons of stop signs and mismatched lights, I can honestly say that this does not feel like it's helping. Drivers rush from mismatched light to mismatched light at huge speeds and roll through the stops because they're trying to rush to catch the lights. Even bus drivers speed to catch the "new learned" speed. Any speed will eventually be learned by the regulars, and 40km/h is learned as 80, and so on.

This is not to mention the concern I have for all the people who still haven't learned that it's a two way. You take your life in your hands if you don't look both ways at least twice. In today's traffic, these things can not be changed overnight as they were in the 50's.

I admit that the situation on Hess appears as unsafe as over on Queen, which sees another one way speedway. I can't say for certain, but residents on Hess could possibly be more unsafe because they are less guarded crossing Hess having a perception that it's slower when in reality it's not.

The lack of boulevards and overgrown shrubbery make it extremely challenging for drivers on the side streets to view traffic in both directions as they cross Hess, causing lots of near misses that further endanger pedestrians.

I know Hess is no Main or King, but I'm not convinced that the solution is a blanket elimination of one ways.

An additional concern is that slowdowns on King and Main would likely result in more traffic scuttling through the neighbourhoods to avoid the congestion.

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