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By Mary Louise (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2008 at 00:52:00

In my previous blog entry, I provided a link to the Lister forum discussion so that readers could judge for themselves the validity of observers' claims. For the benefit of readers who didn't click on the link however, I certainly regret that I wasn't more circumspect in my opening statement.

If I haven't fully retracted my remarks, it's because this story isn't over yet. It's interesting that Mancinelli uses the story of the boy who cried wolf to make his point about public scrutiny. The boy may have sacrificed his credibility with false alarms, but in the end he was right, the wolf did come. If I have sacrificed my credibility in order to bring a little more attention to the Lister story, I can live with that.

LIUNA has engaged in demolition by neglect of the Lister for a number of years now. They disregarded the Ministry of Culture's request to preserve the lintels from the Balfour Building, and they have hired a demolition company that is known for it's disregard of the law. With a track record like this, you can hardly blame people for jumping to conclusions.

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