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By Mary Louise (anonymous) | Posted June 13, 2008 at 12:52:27

Thanks for the excellent definition of lying, Comfrey. You can accuse me of alot of things, but lying isn't one of them.

No one can state unequivocally what is or is not going on at the Lister at the moment. Work on the facade had stopped last time I saw, and we have only the word of LIUNA and the building department that no heritage elements are being removed from the arcade. LIUNA has shown that they cannot be trusted, and while I have complete faith in the integrity of city inspectors, they'll be the first to admit that their investigative and enforcement powers are limited. As I mentioned, the Heritage Planning Department is monitoring the work, but I am still trying to find out what this means, how much access they have, how frequent their site visits, etc. I gathered from the inspector I spoke to that they share the same distrust of DePasquale.

The worst fears of alarmists like myself may yet be realized. If the singular heritage of the Lister is to be preserved, it won't be through blind faith in LIUNA and DePasquale, but rather through the kind of passionate public scrutiny that makes Mancinelli so uncomfortable. Council, staff, and most especially LIUNA, need to know that we are still watching.

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