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By Frank (registered) | Posted June 16, 2008 at 08:46:45

Sage, I have also had the opportunity to visit the downstairs ballroom and massive halls as well on many occasions and it looks great. However, if someone knew what they were looking at (not just something beautiful) they'd be able to see some major problems. You see, I's my job!
When a company buys something as iconic as the Lister block and then does absolutely nothing with it for however long they've owned it...then moves in a DEMO company with a shady history (complete with a sign displayed prominently on the corner of the building) to start "restoration" invites speculation as to what they're actually doing.
Projects that 'look good' are directed at people like you who look at things superficially. LIUNA's track record as Jason shows and their continual changing of the price for the Lister (which by the way is anything but contractual) DEMANDS speculation. If LIUNA can, they will try to get away with would any shrewd shortsighted company who is interested primarily in the bottom line, not necessarily what's good for a community...

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