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By michaeld (registered) | Posted July 31, 2008 at 07:47:26


You make a very broad brush statement that I am opposed to development. If, as you have suggested, I have made this statement to the press then you will have no problem directing me to this. I doubt this will be the case so you should not use phrases such as "not want ANY development". I will not deny that I am may have stated I am opposed to the development around HIA for a myriad of reasons and I have publicly stated why. Both I and HPD have been asking the very serious questions I pointed out earlier that need to be asked for the past 3 years and are still waiting for answers. In your last reply you totally avoided the point regarding opposition by the province which is a fact and are more content to attack me personally. Just stick to the facts! I earlier stated that there are so many negatives about this proposed industrial park that it leaves you wondering what are you missing. If you take the time to read the 320 page Dillon report and all the reports and studies conducted since 2005 you will see what I mean.

The city desperately needs jobs and developement but we have very very limited financial means to achieve the objective. Do we spend our available resources around a facility (HIA) which is a questionable investment with an uncertain future that is unlikely to achieve the job density stated (MKI peer review) or do we focus on initiatives that have been proven to revitalize urban environments that inevitably attract job growth?


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