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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted August 13, 2008 at 09:46:26

Regarding Frank's comment:

"I also don't think they should be running down the length of a line of cars unless there's a bike lane."

Although I try to avoid doing this, if there is sufficient room between the cars and the curb (say 2m) and the cyclists isn't going too fast, I don't really see it is a problem.

Drivers seem to want to put cyclists in a Catch-22:

  1. When they are moving, drivers feel free to pass cyclists without changing lanes. This is often dangerous. On the other hand, they complain if cyclists ride in the middle of the lane (like a car) to prevent this (which is in fact the safe thing to do on a multi-lane road).

  2. However, when the drivers are stopped the rules change. Now drivers complain when cyclists move past them.

Many countries (e.g. France, UK) now paint 'bike boxes' at intersections. Cyclists filter past the cars and wait in the box in front of the cars until the light changes. This way cyclists are visible to drivers and don't get cut off. Of course, bike boxes tacitly encourage cyclists to move past stationary cars!

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