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By Rebel Alliance (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2008 at 10:03:04


Your bitterness aside, if MPs aren't elected by the people to represent the people, then who are they elected by and who do they represent?


"As undemocratic as insinuating that a liberal vote equals an NDP vote equals a Bloc vote."

You have no point. We have a democratically elected house of commons that can form a government with the confidence of those elected representatives.

As ryan mcgreal writes above, you don't vote for a party, you vote for a person. The persons we voted for are willing to form a government, the GG needs to let them do that, or else she's saying the doesn't trust the citizens to elect a house of commons.

"They were given that chance."

No, the conservative members of the house of commons were given a chance to form a government and they lost the confidence of the house in just two weeks.

Our constitution, laws and traditions say that now the opposition gets a chance to form a government with the confidence of the house before the GG pulls the plug on the whole house of commons.

If she doesn't give them a chance, the's pulling the plug on the democratic choice that Canadians made just seven weeks ago.

"The coalition couldn't survive any longer than a tiger and a deer can last in the same pen."

Your opinion only. By law they deserve a chance to try.

"Prorogueing Parliament isn't running away."

By law the prime minister must be accountable to the elected house of commons. That's the heart of our democracy - as Harper himself understood when he was still in the opposition.

"All this crap is about a mini budget that can very easily be voted down."

No, Harper already made the mini budget a confidence matter. HE is the one who made his own bed, now he doesn't want to lie in it.

"they could just as easily vote it out and force the Cons to come back with something new"

No they can't, it's a CONFIDENCE MOTION since Harper made it one. He created this crisis now he wants to weasel out of it.

You're wrong. Wrong on the facts. Wrong on the process. Wrong on how accountability works in a parliament.

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