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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted February 21, 2009 at 04:11:44

The governments are funded through gas taxes, car sales taxes and all the other fees and levies drivers and car owners have to pay. Can anybody actually believe that other taxes are subsidizing roads? Wait until Ryan gets going and tells you about how LRT is going to save the city or how "small" cities with a population of 350,000 like St. Louis (yes! he said that. It is actually 3,000,000 ) have great LRT systems. one of the real problems with transit is the full buses for a couple of hours morning and evenings and the empty buses for hours and hours especially in the late evening. That is the big fly in Kevlahan's figuring. The actual average ride for a transit user is much higher than the 600 meters he claims. Transit systems are a money losing proposition. There is not a single transit system in North America that comes close to breaking even.

We simply have to accept that fact and raise the money to subsidize our transit system. It really is a necessity in every city including ours.

If I remember correctly last year the city kicked in about a $35,000,000 subsidy. In a city the size of Hamilton with a budget as big as it is, there must be some way of getting the HSR a few more million.

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