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By Bob Bratina (anonymous) | Posted March 06, 2009 at 08:42:10

I think some are reading too much into this. The main issue is volume of work for staff, not lack of vision. When the urban boundary expansion plan we call GRIDS came to Council for approval, there were only two who opposed it....Councillor Dave Mitchell and myself. This is neither the time nor the mechanism to reverse some of the unfortunate implications of GRIDS. We have Councillors on one hand pushing for higher density targets and on the other,demanding interim control by-laws to freeze development in the Core. I continue to work on tangible, achievable goals for our Downtown, such as the re-direction of buses away from the Gore in the so-called "hybrid terminal" design I initiated. Among the benefits will be more direct HSR connections to the GO station at Hunter. The platform has already been prepared, and paid for, by GO Transit and the benefits to commuters will be substantial at very low cost. You've heard about the hotel developments downtown, and soon you'll see pictures of the residential development to start this year on James North. These are all positive, deliverable progressive developments among many more, that will result in a better Downtown. Large target numbers make for great visionary discussion, but our energies and resources have to retain achievable focus.

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