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By fender_86er (registered) | Posted March 10, 2009 at 09:33:21

What no one is thinking here of revitalizing downtown is.. Get the crackhead trash off the street in downtown and send them somewheres else. Why does there have to be homeless shelters downtown? People who come to this city dont want to see that. I brought my girlfriend over on the weekend (she lives in Burlington) and she couldnt get over how many homeless people there are out their. I mean having someone pestering you for cigarettes and change every 10 steps is enough to drive anyone away from this city. The city used to be a great city, way before anyone came up with wonderful Ideas to revitalize it. But then for some reason really seedy people started to move in and people started up these horrible bars like buttinskies, and that strip club thats somewhere close to it. It seems that the clientel that some of these places attract are killing it for the rest of us. Its killing it for people who want to live in a nice clean city where crime is low and you have an opportunity to better yourself. We need somekind of social help building for the homeless to find a job and not some halfthought place that looks like it was renovated from a conviences store like that joke of a place on kingstreet. How do people think the downtown core will pick up if we overlook the people in the downtown core. We need the police to stop being so kind and when they see someone fighting (I see fights all the time) to break it up and not just get on their bicycles and drive right by. The mayor of Hamilton is throwing away money on projects that is started on the mountain and forgeting completley whats happening below concession. If you live downtown or work down here you know what Im talking about. Im only 22 and I see this as plain as day. Im sick of having to deal with depressing people all the time downtown and be harrased for change and smokes. Sick of having to hear people talk about how the mayor blew the money on something and rip up perfectly fixable buildings downtown and build parking lots. Does he realize that it looks like the city just gave up and just decided to make downtown one big parking lot?If your going to have a downtown have a downtown thats functional and upbeat and not so dirty and depressing. This place is a mess.

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