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By ventrems (registered) | Posted March 15, 2009 at 11:38:33

@ Apples to Oranges

"But there is. Obviously, it's a lack of money. Good luck getting commitment from the Ont and Que gov'ts so mired in debt. Even though half of Canada's population lives in the Windsor-QC corridor you'll never get the adequate federal support to help finance a system."

Money is always a concern for any policy decision. But money, in isolation, is not an argument against any particular policy choice (such as building a high speed rail network). It really comes down to whether the expense can be justified by the potential benefits. There is always money for a project if the political will exists. Your statement actually suggests a lack of political will, rather than the inability to raise sufficient funds, is what is holding back investment in a high speed rail network.

Of course, it's easy to blame politicans. It's also pointless. Believe it or not, politicians care deeply about what the electorate thinks. High speed rail is simply not a huge issue in the minds of most people. Until it is, we will never see the kind of developments happening in Europe.

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