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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted June 17, 2009 at 16:26:37

Capitalist: So where are people to go, those that live in low income? Are they to be hidden?

I guess if one looks at the sources, like the Chamber of Commerce, who is always calling for more cutbacks to social services, that affects those who are the most marginalized. How does it make sense to keep building stores and such, when those jobs are minimum wage, no benefits thus perpetuating the poverty levels for the working class.

Who killed downtown? It wasn't the low income people, it was those at the top, the elite, who live in denial of the policies that they have made which have contributed greatly to the decline in the downtown area over the years.

Anyways, many who are in the middle class, those that work for the system, are overpaid and have an air of arrogance, that they are entitled to more then living wages, benefits and pensions, yet have no problem in denying other workers their rights in the same format. I call that a divison in labour, where one side fails to stand up for the other.

One does have to look at the poverty industry, the many NGO's and such who get tax dollars for forcing workers into jobs that continue that never ending poverty cycle. Many of these organziations fail to uphold employment standards or the laws under Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Look at the root causes.

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