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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted June 18, 2009 at 10:26:04

highwater wrote:

He and Paul Wilson are by far the Spec's best columnists.

Right on. Wilson is the closest thing we have to an urbanist like the Star's Christopher Hume, and he's arguably a stronger writer. He's certainly better at discovering and sharing Hamiltonians' stories in the context of how our neighbourhoods and communities are doing.

He and Jeff are far too talented to be left languishing in the entertainment section. I rather suspect the paper's editors are afraid that if they move Jeff and Paul to the main section (where they belong), the remaining bits of content in GO will scarcely be worth browsing at all.

jason wrote:

lately I've been enjoying Terry Cooke's pieces as well

Cooke is really firing on all cylinders. It's always gratifying to see a savvy, intellectually curious politics junkie in action, particularly when he doesn't feel obligated to toe any party lines.

As far as I can tell, he writes bi-weekly, alternating with the consistently entertaining Paul Benedetti. Like Mahoney and Wilson, Cooke is a bright light in the malnourished and otherwise barely-readable Weekend Reader.

At least it used to be padded with interesting syndicated pieces from the Economist and the CS Monitor; now it's a glorified, stand-alone editorial/op-ed page - albeit punctuated by occasional in-depth investigative reports (another Spectator strength).

Even there, I can't think of anything that really compelled me to dig in since Denise Davy's great series on the abysmal child mental health sector in Canada.

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