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By jason (registered) | Posted July 09, 2009 at 09:26:12

sorry, my last statement is unclear at best. I meant to say "lets not worry about development charges from 80 years ago". there was a day in this town where industry paid 75% of the tax base. Now it's down to 15-30% depending on who you listen to. our city simply can't afford to be subsidizing new home buyers to the tune of $7,000 per home.
Lower city residents know all too well the dangers that lurk everytime there is a huge rainfall. The infrastructure in Hamilton was built decades ago and only has a specific carrying capacity. We've already surpassed that capacity and one massive rainstorm will prove it.

Sprawl needs to immediately be halted until a new water/infrastructure plant can be built on the Mountain somewhere. It's not fair for Kenilworth area residents to have flooded basements 3 times a year because all the new runoff coming from above the escarpment overloads the system.

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